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Manolis Kasimatis was born in Athens, in 1958.  He took his initial photography lessons from his father who was a photographer and, for a period, former recognized photoreporter at the newspaper AVGI.     He studied Graphic Arts (3-year professional school), Offset Printing (2-year vocational training), Digital Typography and Treatment (1-year vocational training).  He attended general seminars in Photography at the Municipality of Athens (1988-90) and at CH.A.N. (1986), specialising seminars at the schools LEICA ACADEMY and E.S.P.  (lighting, portrait, fashion, still life), 6-month seminar in Advertising Photography at BLOW UP (1994), and 6-mont seminar for vocational training in Video at E.E.O. He also attended specialising seminars in Graphic Arts, Mass Media History, Art History, and History of Cinematography.      He is the publisher of the photography magazines "FOTOGRAFIZONTAS" and "FOTOGRAFIZONTAS ISTORIKA".     He is a founding member of the cultural society "FOTOGRAFIZONTAS"(2005).    He is a founding member of the experimental photographic team "PROVA D` ARTE" (2001).    He is a founding member of the cultural society "AKPI" (2007)

He is a member of "Phoebus - Photographers' Collecting Society" (2000).  He is a member of the "Friends of Photographic Archives and Memories" (2007).

He is a member of the E.E.T.E. "Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece" (2008).

He was a member of the "Hellenic Photographic Society" (1978-2002), member of its administrative council, and in 1996 he was awarded the title AFIAP, from FIAP. He was a member of the "Photography Center of Thessaloniki" (2001-03).  Since 2000, he has been a member of "Athens Artists Photographers Union" (and member of its administrative council) and its representative - examiner at the certification of the graduates from Photography Institutes for Vocational Training (2006-08).   He has been occupied with the making of short films in SUPER 8 format.   He was a member of the cinematography team "KATHREPTIS"(MIRROR) and designer of its homonym magazine,  and member of the cultural society "OF ANONYMOUS" which aims to the documentation and development of the amateur cinematography.   He was co-founder of the photographic online magazine   He organised with the collaboration of "Atrapos", a photographic walking exploring team.  He was an editor-contributor of the photographic magazine "PHOTOEIDOLO",  and a contributor at the magazines "Antilipseis" and "Photographos".  He coordinated the first pavilion of independent magazines in the "26th Book Festival" (2004).  For a long time, he was supporting the actions of the "Horse's Protection Society", "Ornithology Society", "WWF", "GREENPEACE", and "POFYZO".  He was a founding member of the photogroup "ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS", which supported the effort for a different photo-gallery "The House of Photographics".  He also co-founded a study about the founding of a "Greek Institute for Photography" (E.I.F.).  His photographs have been awarded in contests in Greece and abroad and have published in many magazines, art catalogues and webpages.

He has made 5 solo and participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. 

He was a speaker at conferences about photography. 

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